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Buying Guide

Guide to buying your first home

Calculate how much you can afford?

Speak to a financial advisor, he will tell you what deposit is required (normally between 10-25%) and give you an idea of what your monthly mortgage repayments will be. You can use our mortgage calculator to help you.

Please take into consideration, stamp duty, conveyancing / solicitor costs and removals.

Secure a mortgage agreement in principle

Agree an upper limit for your loan from your preferred Mortgage provider, this documentation will be required from your Estate Agency in order to prove to the vendor that you are a serious buyer.

Find Your dream home

Start house hunting and viewing as many properties within your budget and requirements as you can see. Go back and view any properties that you like again or bring a friend / relative for a second opinion.

Make your offer

Your Estate Agent will negotiate, acting as a go between you and the seller. Once you have agreed a final price for the property you can start the buying process.

Instruct your solicitor

It normally helps if you can be recommended to a good solicitor, ask your Estate Agent who they would suggest, they should have a recommended list of firms that they deal with regularly that will offer you a good service.

Survey and loan valuation

In order for your Estate Agent and the vendor to consider your offer serious you should book your survey as soon as possible. Your mortgage lender will now assess if the property is worth what you have offered to pay for it.

Finalise your mortgage

Once the relevant searches, land and building surveys have been carried out to the satisfaction of your lender and solicitor. Your mortgage company will confirm that your application can proceed and issue you with a confirmed offer.

Exchange Contracts

Your solicitor will contact you to confirm your deposit money, you will need to transfer this amount to your solicitor, this acts as a binding agreement between you and the seller. At this point you should also get a quote for buildings and contents insurance.

Finalise Your Contracts

A completion date will have been negotiated between your solicitor and the sellers. Make sure your mortgage lender is ready to release funds in advance of your completion date. Once funds have cleared your solicitor will confirm that deeds have been transferred and your purchase is complete!

Move In

This is the moment you have been waiting for! Vincent’s Estate Agents wish you the very best of luck.

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